What to do when your baby sh!ts the tub

Here at Mom Lyfe; we find ourselves in situations like this almost daily. The “Holy Shit; I can’t believe this is happening” type of situations that you rarely bring up in polite conversation. It’s not a very smart professionally to look a coworker in the eye after they explain how gross it was cleaning out the office fridge; that you barehanded a human poo out of a bathtub just last night wile having a dead look in your eye. It’s the kind of look you get when you’re on the other side of what you thought you would ever be capable of doing. I imagine the Donner party has a similar look after the made the call to go ahead to eat the dead of their party in order to survive.

The point is, dear readers; That you may just need to bear hand that mother-fucker. Have a drink after the kids go to bed to help cope with your new reality. The reality that there is literally nothing you wouldn’t do for your family.
(No judgement)

I believe this is why many of your friends prior to child bearing have fallen away. It’s not that they no longer care about you, or your family. It’s far more likely that they realize that they have nothing in common with you anymore.  And, let’s be honest. Going out for drinks on a weekday only to have to drag your ass back home and take care of your children and then get up at the crack of dawn, headache or no; sounds like a total nightmare. So good luck to them; lets move on. That’s where we come in. I get it, Moms.  I’m with you.

I want to build a community where we dont have to pretend to be perfect. You’re already tired enough; so why do it here?





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